Renovate To Sell Your Home

renovate and sellNever Spend More on Remodels Than You Can Recoup
While this seems obvious, it is surprising how many people decide to throw vast amounts of money into a house that they will only inhabit for less than a year. Why buy expensive whole-house new flooring if the expected resale value is less than that? Brutally calculate the cost of the remodels and repairs against the higher sale price you expect to realize from them. Seasoned real estate agents can advise you about the cost vs. value angle of your home remodels to compare the  before and after home renovations. If the intended home remodel involves taking out a home equity loan, it is usually not the right remodel to do if you are intending to put the house on the market soon.

Repair and Freshen up Rather Than Replace
Replacement removes one material and replaces it with another material. Usually, the fewer materials you hand over to the next homeowner, the better. Instead of replacing your existing hardwood, consider refurbishing your home’s hardwood by sanding and finishing it. Instead of giving the buyer all-new windows, look into the possibility of replacing only the window sash. Rather than giving the next homeowner a new bathtub, consider refinishing your current tub. Materials always cost more than fixes. Pictures of your house renovation before and after will be helpful.

Amazing Home Renovations

Stress Appearance Over Function
When remodeling for sale, the best remodels are those that look good. It is better to spend money on paint or flooring rather than a water heater that still functions. As long as the water heater is safe and functional, keep it. A new water heater will not impress buyers. If a home inspector says the water heater must be replaced, that is the time to discuss replacing it or offering the buyer a credit. But appearance is not negotiable. Custom renovations will add more value.

find renovate sellNew Paint Works Wonders
New paint, especially well-chosen contemporary hues, will transform a house. Be careful of deep shades that darken the home. Cheerful, brighter colors reflect more ambient light, and this is especially important in small rooms like guest bathrooms and space-challenged bedrooms.

Consider the Market’s Tastes, Not Yours
Amazing renovations before and after done to make the home more attractive to buyers do not necessarily have to align with your tastes. This is less a case of grabbing the latest home remodel trends than it is about correcting styles that turn off buyers. You might have a penchant for home styles of the 1990s. Yet if your real estate agent says that you might want to avoid this style, this is the time to listen.