Before After Kitchen Renovations

kitchen renovationThe kitchen is one of the most complicated remodeling projects because of all the decisions you will make throughout the process. We’ll walk you through this with our planning and buying guides, covering everything from foundation appliances, cabinetry, surfaces and finishes to sustainable products and extras like wine coolers and microwave drawers.

Before hiring any kitchen contractor to turn your kitchen renovation plans into a dream come true,  you should decide the best kitchen upgrades for resale for your kitchen remodeling investment. Your best protection, aside from thorough research for the right remodeling contractor, is a detailed contractor contract. Or, in the very least, a completely filled-in standard work contract form. Signed by both parties, of course.

Homeowners often remodel their kitchens to increase the value or marketability of a property. A remodeled and attractive kitchen will appeal to prospective home buyers more than a boring and outdated one. The homeowner may or may not recoup the investment of the remodel; this will depend on a variety of factors, such as the degree of the remodel and current market prices.

Best Kitchen Upgrades for Resale

Decide how much you can spend on your kitchen renovation. The amount of your budget will often dictate the rest of the planning process. Establish a range instead of a fixed budget number. For example, budgeting $7,500 to $8,500 is more reasonable than deciding to spend exactly $8,000.

new kitchen renovationInclude all of the elements of a kitchen renovation when estimating your budget. You will potentially need to pay for new appliances, flooring, counter tops, hardware, paint, ventilation, cabinets and installation costs. Set aside money in your budget for unexpected problems, delays, expenses and contingencies. The National Kitchen and Bath Association advises you add 20 percent of your budget to your estimate for surprises and contingencies.

Plan for labor, and think about the level of expertise you expect in your kitchen renovation. You will need a general contractor as well as plumbers, electricians and other specialists. Also, make sure you have before and after home renovations pictures available.

Commit to your budget. You will need to decide where you want to save and where you want to spend. For example, if stainless steel appliances are a priority, you might need to settle for laminate flooring. Amazing renovations before and after always include a kitchen makeover.